Charlie Webster


I have always had a love for health and fitness and for physical challenges, especially to champion a cause. A keen marathon and endurance runner and triathlete, I've also tried my hand at other sporting activities, including boxing, with some success.

I have always had a love for health and fitness and for physical challenges. My mum used to take me as a 5-year-old to her aerobics class, and then at the age of 12 I joined a running squad in my home town of Sheffield.

I have taken part in a number of sporting activities, with some success:

  • Running/endurance: I ran the 200-mile Hood to Coast for Nike, an overnight, long-distance relay race in Oregon, USA. My Nike team ‘We Run Free’ came in the top 50 of this epic journey, after no sleep - and a lot of Nutella! I have run 9 marathons including New York, Houston and London, in addition to 250 miles in one hit, which is more than 9 marathons at once!
  • Cycling: I rode the UK stages of the Tour de France in 2014 - 3 days, 600km - and raised money for Southampton Rape Crisis.
  • Triathlon: I only decided to learn how to swim in my late 20’s, having just splashed around previously with a rubber ring. Then I did the London triathlon and am now getting ready for the 2015 UK Iron Man challenge. Somebody stand by with a rubber ring please!
  • Football: I am a life-long Sheffield United fan; I first had a season ticket at the age of 4, when football meant a cup of Bovril and fish ‘n’ chip crisps at half time. It was a very proud moment to host the 125th anniversary of the club in 2014. I am also a qualified Level 2 FA coach.
  • Martial arts: I did martial arts as a young kid, mainly Shotokan karate. I moved to Asia in 2006 and how could I resist not getting involved in the scene? I trained with the Singapore police Muay Thai squad for the 2 years I lived there. I even skipped barefoot on concrete, an exercise for toughening the shins. In the UK one of the many disciplines I tried as part of an online show were Brazilian Ju Jitsu, with Roger Gracie, and Krav Maga.
  • Boxing: I am no stranger to a boxing ring. I have trained in boxing on and off throughout my adulthood. It started off as a way to improve my strength for running and I fell in love with the training. I trained in Singapore and in London with The Lynn ABC, having several bouts. I am a carded amateur boxer.
  • Beach volleyball: One of the many sports I presented at the London 2012 Olympics was beach volleyball. I wasn’t brought up anywhere near a beach so I had lessons with members of the GB squad. If I lived near a beach I would probably be out playing now, but I don’t so I pound the pavements instead.

I am also a qualified personal trainer and running coach. While at university I worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, and still regularly help people get fit and run.