Charlie Webster


Love that I got to see my amazing lovely @adelebradfield in Durham tonight - and the only thing open was Indian, late night curry with friends perfect!
Rocking the hi vis on the #TourSeries course in Durham, might borrow this!
Mammoth week, started to drink a lot more of this alongside #Yorkshire as well of course. My mum drinks Green Tea like it's on tap! Thought this was interesting... #greentea
These wonderful little ones came to see me this morning, what a lovely surprise they even helped me drag my suitcase out, and I mean drag! #love @lolocouk
Finals day #dartsondave
Couldn't get enough of it  we ended up having a match after, lads v ladies refereed by Scott Mitchell!
Quick sneaky 5 mins out back to see the daylight  #dartsondave
Presenting BDO World Trophy live on Dave throughout the weekend, looks like I'm  but I was actually trying to do the darts  #darts
From the rain of Aberystwyth to Frimley heck of a drive  ... Gosh look a bit crazy there!
Aberystwyth #TourSeries on ITV
Love the sketch @cyclingplus magazine #cycling
I do not know what I would do without running the most underrated way to de-stress #lookafteryourmentalhealth
Bit of a breather on a fence earlier like you do as the sun sets! Going off the grid a little bit for few days, working on a really important confidential project that you'll be able to watch and read about soon...
Cheeky glass of  after we'd filled our boots with curry... #perfectevening
Easy peasy 'Barhatch' lemon squeeze  #RidetoRio coming for ya!
 &  panic training  cycling to Rio 26th June arrive in Rio 4th August, my body is going to love me, especially a certain seated part
Edinburgh castle filming ...helloooooo
Oh Good Morning again Gatwick! Little flight up to Edinburgh for #tourseries
Had a mini panic today only 5 weeks to #RidetoRio - behind on training so just totally wrecked myself on the bike  check it out for @janetomlinsonappeal
Love this photo of me & my mum at the weekend visiting my Grandad & cousins hen. This was #Cleveleys beach just next to Blackpool, love our countries coastline.
Explaining @bestbeginningsofficial baby buddy app to Prince William earlier today, that is the back of his head, promise!
Silhouette yoga, still working at this yoga journey, starting to kind of like it  ... you wouldn't believe how hard this pose is #yogajourney
Proud to be supporting #HeadsTogether @bestbeginningsofficial with lovely @abbeyclancyofficial & the wonderful Princess Kate
Cousins Hen doo in Blackpool!
Beachcombing with my mum at my grandad's beach #Cleveleys #Blackpool
Then the sun came out  stretching with my mums dogs!
Blowy run early this morning!
When you are the only one in an airport & half of the staff haven't even arrived #earlymorning
Late night voiceover's ...5am pick up is going to be fun
Bit nippy on the podium! #tourseries
Welcome to my studio, not bad eh?!  ...presenting @pearlizumiofficial tour series ITV #cycling #IsleofMan
G-Force action from the other week...I laughed when they gave me a sick bag to stuff up my arm. As if you'd be able to get it out in time  luckily I didn't need it! #lifeisanadventure
Thought I was on a role with multi tasking today cycling to gym this morning & to meetings, even doing phone calls on the way, then the heavens opened...not so clever after all!  drenched to the bone! #Englishweather
Love this woman @anneknfrancis #friendsarefamily
Concentration face  I'm determined to master this yoga thing. Sticking at it, despite years of going 'I hate yoga' I'm actually liking it, well the power one anyway! My thinking is years of running (& now cycling) & pushing my body I should give it a little balance with yoga once a week. @thirdspacelondon changing my view of yoga. Just do not call me a 'yogi'
Took this early this morning whilst running, love this photo! #flowersoftheday most definitely
Tarmac rays  before getting on the plane. Love the feeling of sunshine on my mug!
And of course the selfie... what a run before my flight, smiling & taking it all in! #runhappy
Guten Morgen from Austria early morning run through endless fields surrounded by mountains...and if I didn't run I would have missed all this beauty. Running is freedom. Motivated? Go on, get yourself moving this morning  you'll feel better for it
7 hours, we did it! #wingsforlifeworldrun2016
Amazing show!
Ready to go ...presenting #wingsforlifeworldrun2016  6 continents, 33 countries, 12 time zones all running at same time!
Found a lush field to stretch & actually got told off! '...nicht sitzen...' I was like errrr 'ok it's a field?!' & did the go to, 'ok danke' & ran off!
This evenings run...beautiful! No better way to discover a place than to run round it
Rehearsal time, hosting Wings For Life World Run tomorrow, 34 locations, 33 countries, 12 time zones, should be fun! #wingsforlife
Morning from under a tree...
And out to the mountains... #truebeauty
Ran into the city... #Salzburg
Gorgeous run around Salzburg as the sun starts to set ...running/exploring 2 of my favourite things! #runninglife
Presenting #wingsforlife world run this weekend...with the very lovely Mr 'sport director' @colinrayjackson in race control the concept of this event, people running all over world at same time for those who can't. The power of running for good  our body is our most precious gift.
Airport 'bored connecting flight' selfie ...after I destroyed a massive salted pretzel, my favourite! #pretzellover
Deer crossing cycling this morning... Oh Deer!
Managed to catch the light earlier & fit outside cycle in. Coming to the conclusion that #RidetoRio is going to hurt & I only sat on the saddle for 2&half hours today  please if you can sponsor us for @janetomlinsonappeal
Earlier at my mums catching some rays through the doorway, who needs chairs (yes we do have them up north)
Oh and this... #brothers
Hmmmm didn't quite think about getting it all back  oh well gave passersby some comedy #beanbagdrama
This is what happens when your 3 brothers come to the furniture shop with you #butts
Then I did another 5k on my own, felt good especially when I found some bluebells in the woods, love an explore when I'm running!  #feelgood that's what it's all about
Took mum & Alfie for a 5k run this mum loved it, she's such an inspiration for a healthy active 'older' woman, she's been getting all her friends running after I took her out a few times at Christmas. Go mum! #fitnessinspiration
Lovely greeting walking into my mums house...
Bit of boxing tonight at the Copperbox (Olympic 2012 boxing venue) #boxing
This table know it's a good un' when the banter involves chips & gravy...
Reckon this could make the charts  it's called 'Ahhh it's hailing...' Sun is out now #sodslaw
So that wasn't fun! Four seasons in one cycle. Lovely sunshine, wind, rain and then full on painful hail...I did actually start to shout at the sky  ...Training for #RidetoRio for @janetomlinsonappeal
Synchronised clapping with the one and only Boris Becker #BTSIA
#BTSIA sports awards thought I'd try match the red carpet
Ready! Presenting the social media award tonight @sportindustry awards #BTSIA
40k bike session done with intervals, quick turnaround for @sportindustry awards to get this training in if I want to make it to Rio rather than collapsing in a heap like a collapsed parrot...squawk! #BTSIA #RidetoRio
#FuryKlitschko join me live from Manchester at 125pm streaming homepage
Now we're talking  ....So many disturbing & seriously wrong messages out there surrounding health & fitness. #feelgood
Next progression ...5 seconds later I fell over! #bodyweighttraining
All about a strong core ...something to try & work on even a few minutes in the morning or before bed #corestrength
It even snowed here in Austria  all through my live show, blue hands by the end! #snowinapril
Griass Eich aus der Steiermark
Clouds rolling in  #mountainweather
Presenting the #RedbullAirRace from Spielberg, Austria ...the iconic F1 track in the middle of the mountains. Pretty cool place...
On my pillow, what a nice touch. Goodnight... #allinthedetail
My perfect place ...they love tea as much as I do much so your brew comes with a tea timer! Genius! #teaisalwaysagoodidea
#running freedom & life
Filming finished just in time for me to catch the last of the sunshine for a run through the forest mountains. One of the many reasons I love running, helps you explore! #Austria #runningisagift
Chatting G-force
I managed to keep the sick bag in tact! Amazing - pulled 6g's ...just short of Apollo 16 in reentry! #adrenalinejunkie
Let's do this! #speeddemon
I'm about to fly this! #givesyouwings
Sat on an airport floor for 40 mins on a conference call about my new show...wired to the mains, if only they could see #glam
Flying goggles ready!  Packing for Austria tomorrow I will learn how to fly a #RedbullAirRace plane. G-force!
Full day of meetings -  so gave myself challenge to cycle to every one...discovered what a good way to get training in this is  although not sure what that face is about  worked out as nearly 3 hours of cycling! #alwaysaway
My WWE headlock on George Groves didn't quite work #WWEsmackdown
Gorgeous evening
Experiencing my first @wwe #WWEsmackdown
Late dinner after...worlds smallest pie! I was like 'pies a bit small' ...answer 'normally that's fine for a woman!' So I ate that & 2 sides & a dessert. 'Sorry what was that about a woman...?!'  #ieat #realfood
Big evening cycle in gym, this is what a real post training workout looks like, sweat & all! #keepitreal #bodypositive #RidetoRio
Well if all else fails on #RidetoRio I can always carry my bike. Happy lass after today's hilly ride